Dr. Yang Waikiki Discusses How a Ketogenic Diet Can Boost Your Energy Naturally

Dr. Yang Waikiki Hawaii

September 10, 2020

Dr. Yang Waikiki

You are what you eat. It’s a phrase many Americans have heard time and time again. The phrase may be a bit simplified, but health experts agree that what you put in your body has a major effect on the way you feel, mentally and physically. Dr. Yang Waikiki recently discussed how food is fuel, and the ketogenic diet may have the ability to provide more useful fuel than other diets and eating habits.

“Many people are eating plenty but not feeling energized from that food, because it’s not the right food,” Dr. Yang Waikiki said. “Too many carbs can cause blood sugar to rise and fall abruptly, resulting in a crash after meal time.”

Dr. Yang Waikiki explained that following a ketogenic diet can be an easy and effective way to boost energy levels and improve overall health. The ketogenic diet is characteristically low in carbs; however, unlike the Atkins Diet, calories come from fats more than proteins. The goal is for the liver to convert fat into ketones. The ketones rise until they reach a state called “ketosis,” and this is when the body begins to use fat as an energy source.

Dr. Yang Waikiki explained that a typical ketogenic diet involves consuming 75 percent of calories from fat, 20 percent from proteins, and 5 percent from carbs. However, the ratios can vary from person to person. Dr. Yang Waikiki added that following a ketogenic diet can be an ideal way to boost energy and focus naturally.

“Consuming a diet rich in carbs can cause blood sugar to rise and fall rapidly and continuously throughout the day,” Dr. Yang Waikiki said. “Low blood sugar results in feelings of exhaustion and an inability to focus; we typically call this ‘brain fog.’”

Replacing these carbs with fat and entering ketosis can improve attention span and overall energy. Dr. Yang Waikiki stated that he has even heard patients state that they no longer need to drink coffee to feel more energized and alert in the morning.

Dr. Yang Waikiki added that a major benefit of the ketogenic diet is that it promotes sustained energy. There’s no more energy peak directly after eating followed by a serious energy low just a couple of hours later. Dr. Yang Waikiki explained that the ketogenic diet causes your body to drain its excess stores and run on healthy fats. This means your body is using fat stores for energy, so it won’t begin to drag as it used to when sugar levels became depleted.

The ketogenic diet is an ideal way to enjoy prolonged energy throughout the day without having that extra cup of coffee or an unhealthy energy supplement. Dr. Yang Waikiki emphasized that it’s an all-natural way to boost energy, and the improvement can be felt almost immediately upon making diet adjustments.