Dr. Sung Yang Discusses the Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Dr. Yang Waikiki Hawaii

November 4, 2020

Dr. Sung Yang

There are lots of people who deal with pain in their back on a regular basis. Some people might notice back pain that arises suddenly, which is called acute back pain. There are other people who might deal with back pain daily, which could go on for months. This is called chronic back pain. Regardless of the reason why someone might be suffering from back pain, it is important to seek medical care. This is where Dr. Sung Yang can help. He is here to review some of the most common causes of back pain.

Dr. Sung Yang Highlights Lumbar Muscle Strain or Myositis as a Common Cause of Back Pain

One of the most common causes of back pain, according to Dr. Sung Yang, is something called Lumbar Muscle Strain or Myositis, which is the inflammation of the muscle fibers and fascia (covering around the muscle fiber). There are lots of people who feel back pain and assume that something is wrong with the spinal cord or its nerve branches. The good news is that this is not always the case. In reality, most people who have back pain could be suffering from the Lumbar Muscle Strain or Myositis. Lumbar Muscle Strain impacts the muscles on all sides of the spinal column. If they are overused or strained, people could feel stiff or sore in the back. Most of the time rest, ice, heating pad, stretches or massage can relieve the Lumbar Muscle Strain. But sometimes an anti-inflammatory medication by mouth or injection into the involved muscles is needed to fully treat the problem.

Dr. Sung Yang Reviews a Herniated Disc as a Potential Cause of Lower Back Pain

Another possible reason why people might suffer from back pain, according to Dr. Sung Yang, is something called a herniated disc. A disc in our spinal column is like a balloon or cushion that supports the weight of the spine and moves the spine forward and backward. Due to an accidental injury or overuse over a long period of time, the disc can lose its water and protein contents and may suddenly rupture or herniate into an adjacent area, which is usually where spinal nerve roots are located. According to Dr. Sung Yang, the most common discs that wear out and rupture are the discs located at the 4th and 5th levels of the lower spine, where the 1st level is the highest level and the 5th level is the lowest level of the spinal column. When someone has a herniated disc, they can experience pain, numbness, and tingling radiating from the lower back to the lower extremity, which is called sciatica. Not all herniated discs need surgery and many can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications by mouth or injection as well as physical therapy.

Dr. Sung Yang Discusses the Role that Sciatica Plays in Back Pain

Finally, Dr. Sung Yang would also like everyone to know about sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that arises when the sciatica nerve, which is made up of nerve fibers that originate from the lower spine and tail bone, becomes injured or inflamed by a herniated disc or another structural disease of the spine. When the sciatic nerve is inflamed by physical or chemical irritation of the herniated disc, people experience sharp pains that shoot down their legs. In addition, people might notice other neurologic symptoms like numbness, tingling, or weakness in their legs. Dr. Sung Yang recommends that anyone who notices symptoms of sciatica seek help from a doctor as soon as possible.